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Professionally Concentrated Water Garden & Koi Pond Maintenance Products

Pond water is our fishes' environment, so you want to do it right. 

This complete line of maintenance products will help produce and maintain a beautiful, healthy pond.
Perfect Pond was developed in 1992 
by a group of pond keepers who needed concentrated products they could rely on. 

Pond keepers are picky people!  The beauty and welfare of the pond plants and fish depend upon the care given and the products used. 

Perfect Pond Products make pond keeping Simple!

Quality, professionally concentrated products.
Your Partner for a Perfect Pond.

Use with confidence.

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Earth, Wind, Fire and Water are the 4 Elements of Life
Water is Vital • Water Nurtures • Water Sustains Life 

For centuries people have enjoyed the beauty of water fountains and water gardens in their public squares and private estates. 

Water gardens create a natural focal point, whether located in the home garden, shopping mall, or office building.  A Water Garden or Koi Pond added to a landscape to supply the missing dimension, satisfies our senses with relaxing sounds that only water can produce.  It becomes an oasis that exudes a calming serenity to anyone who views it.  

Water is a source of wonder and inspiration.  The incomparable beauty of blooming water lilies and light shimmering off a playful goldfish or graceful koi, and the reflections rippling across the calm water surface fascinate both pond keepers and visitors alike. 

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